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New Communism


Aim 1


Aim 2


Source Material


Greenhouse Effect


The Problem


Harmful Effects




Settled / Consensus Science


400000 years of CO2 and Temperature


CO2 Multiplier is Crucial


CO2 Multiplier Explained


CO2 Multiplier Evidence


CO2 Mulitplier in Climate Models


Climate Models - In Equals Out


CO2 Multiplier Back Test


Climate Models Accuracy


600 million years of CO2 and Temperature


The Hockey Stick


The Real Hockey Stick


A Century of CO2 and Temperature


A Decade of CO2 and Temperature


Lost Ice Caps


Empirical Evidence


Alternative Hypothesis of Sun and Sea


Alternative Hypothesis - 100 year Back Test


Alternative Hypothesis - 400 year Back Test


CO2 Measurement Data Integrity


Temperature Data Integrity


Evidence Summary


Green Jobs Creation


Precautionary Principle


Economic Costs 1


Economic Costs 2


Alternative Energy Sources




Why Tax Me


Layers of Atmosphere


Mad Science


CO2 as a Fertiliser


Wrong Type of Warming


Sulphates Cooling 1


Sulphates Cooling 2


Sea Levels


Summary of Climate Drivers


CO2Positive Feedback


Temperature Drives CO2


Summary of Temperature Feedbacks


Negative Feedback on Temperature


Effect of Clouds on Temperature


Cosmic Ray Effect on Sunspots


Cosmic Ray Effect on Sunspots - Evidence


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